Miss. Yoganathan Losana

Miss. Yoganathan Losana

Lecturer (Probationary) in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Academic Profile
Admin Roles

B.Sc. (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Sciences (University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka)

Honours and Awards
University prize for the best overall performance in Medical Laboratory Sciences examination, 2018

Membership in Professional Associations
Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist in Sri Lanka Medical Council.
Life Member of Jaffna Science Association.

Chronology of career
2021 February – 2021 August: Demonstrator (Temporary) in Medical Laboratory Sciences
2021 August – 2021 December: Intern Medical Laboratory Scientiest at Teaching Hospital, Jaffna
2021 December- present: Lecturer (Probationary) in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Membership in subcommittees
2022 March – present: Member/ IT, Web and Library committee of FAHS

Appointments in other committees
2022 February – present: Secretary/ Jaffna Science Assocoation (Section C)
2022 January- present: Member/Transfusion Medicine ERASMUS program

National Conferences
Losana Y, Kesavan V, Surenthirakumaran R, 2021, Comparison of Flamephotometry and Pyruvate kinase enzymatic methods for the quantification of serum potassium on patients attend to medical wards at Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, 6th Annual Academic Sessions 2021, College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka.

Clinical Biochemistry II
Transfusion Medicine