Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS) offers three degree programmes namely; B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences, B.Sc. in Nursing and Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.Quality of these progrmmes were monitored by the Medical Education Cell (MEC) of the Faculty of Medicine for a long time, but in order to meet the vision of the allied health programmes, the 425th Senate of the University of Jaffna initiated the Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at the FAHS. A coordinator has been appointed for the Cell, who is working with the Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Jaffna to improve standards. IQAC at the FAHS is composed of arrangements to provide assurance of learning with confidence, and awareness throughout the institution.


    Name with initials  Member category
1. Mrs. D. Thabotharan Chairperson (Dean of FAHS)
2. Mrs. T. Gnanakarunyan Head/Department of MLS.Chairperson/Curriculum Development.

Student counsellor

3. Mrs. L. Kamalarupan Head/Department of Nursing.

Chairperson /Student welfare, FAHS

4. Mr. P. Kalki Head/Department of Pharmacy

Chairperson of  Research & Higher degrees committee

5. Dr.(Mrs.) S. Sivasinthujah Coordinator/ IQAC

Coordinator/ UBL

6. Mr. S. Thuvaragan Deputy proctor
7. Mrs. M. Komathy Senior Assistant Librarian
8. Mrs. K. Tharmendra AR/Secretary, IQAC/FAHS
9. Miss. S. Sathya Coordinator/e-repository
10. Mr. S. Sathees Lecturer in Nursing

Student Representatives

Ms. K. Gowthami

Mr.F.P.M Diluxan

Ms. N. F. Zumbra  

Contact Details:

TP: 021 320 5486
E Mail:

Postal Address:

Allied Health Sciences,
Faculty of Medicine,
Adiyapatham Road,
Kokuvil West, Kokuvil.