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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, students were not able to pursue their studies in universities in Sri Lanka. Online teaching was conducted through various platforms such as Learning Management System (LMS), google classroom and zoom. After students are permitted to enter into university premises, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences has developed a safety protocol for the students and staff to take preventive measures and monitor the infection control activities against COVID- 19. We have formed Health promotion Committee and have developed guidelines that are to be followed by students and staff within the university premises and hostel.

COVID 19 student guidelines

COVID 19 Examiners’ guideline

Health Promotion Committee

  • The composition of the Health Promotion Committee
Name Designation Contact No.
Mrs T. Gnanakarunyan Chairperson 0772020595
Mrs. D. Thabotharan Dean/FAHS 0773405539
Ms. S. Sathya Secretary 0770293901
Mrs. V. Jegapragash PIC/Emergency Preparedness Committee for COVID-19 0776510099
Mrs. L. Kamalarupan PIC/Environmental Sanitation Committee for COVID-19 0777612247
Dr.(Mrs)S. Srikokulan PIC/Student Monitoring Committee for COVID 19 0773107799
Mr. B. Jaikrishna PIC/Student Support Committee for COVID 19 0770703470
  • If any issues arise regarding COVID 19, the students are requested to contact following staff.
Name Designation Contact No.
Mrs. D. Thabotharan Dean/ Faculty of Allied Health Sciences 0773405539
Mrs. T. Gnanakarunyan Chairperson/HPC, Senior Lecturer, Head/Medical Laboratory Sciences & Student Counsellor 0772020595
Mrs. L. Kamalarupan Member, Senior Lecturer, & Head/Nursing 0777612247
Mr. P. Kalki Member, Senior Lecturer & Head / Pharmacy & Student Counsellor 0773913766
Mrs. K.Tharmendra Member, Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences 0776626070
Mr. N. Clinton Sub warden 0770462378
    • Subcommittees were formed to carryout the activities related to monitoring and implementing preventive measures.
    • Members of the subcommittees and the activities of each subcommittee of the Health Promotion Committee are given below.
Subcommittees Members Activities
Student Support Committee for COVID 19 Mr.B. Jaikrishna – PIC

Mr. P. Kalki

Mrs. Mathangi

Miss. S. Kasthuri

●       Share the questionnaire with the students when necessary.

●       Analyse the feedback.

●       Take measures to implement the suggestion/ request by the students if necessary.

Student Monitoring Committee for COVID 19 Dr. (Mrs.) S. Srikokulan-PIC

Mr. S. Thuvaragan

Mrs. T.  Kopishan

Miss. R. Aruniya

Miss. AJF Shiromiya

Mr. M. Sathyaseelan

Ms. S. Srithevi

Ms. T. Kalpana

Mrs. P. Anoja

●       Monitoring physical distancing in FAHS & hostel

●       Monitoring safety precautions FAHS & hostel

●       Monitoring student activities in the FAHS & hostel

Emergency Preparedness Committee for COVID 19 Mrs. V. Jegapragash – PIC

Mrs. T. Gnanakarunyan

Ms. S. Saseevan

Miss. S.Sathya

Mr. T. Muraliruban

●       Prepare an isolation room.

●       Make sure that the isolation room is equipped with necessary items.

●       In case of emergency inform to authorities concerned.

Environmental Sanitation Committee for COVID 19 Mrs. L.Kamalrupan –PIC

Mr. S. Thuvargan

Miss. T. Kopika

Miss. C. H. Suluckshika

Mr. N. Clinton

●       Monitoring regular disinfection processes in the    departments, lecture halls, washrooms,           examination halls and FAHS premises. (Check lists)

●       Monitoring disposal of wastes

●       Make sure the availability of personel protective     equipments and disinfectants for common use ( not in the laboratories)

Ø  Incase of any COVID-19 suspected students

  • If any student with symptoms or with the history of close contact with COVID-19 confirmed patients are identified, they have to be immediately reported to any of the above-mentioned authorities. The authorities will inform the Dean of FAHS or the chairperson of the Health Promotion Committee.

Ø Examination

  • Examinations will be conducted according to COVID-19 safety guidelines.
  • Guidelines that are developed for examination, are to be followed properly.
  • If a student is found to be ill during examination, or identified with the symptoms, Alternative arrangements will be made to write the examinations in isolated room
  • If a student is unable to attend the examination due to moving restrictions, he/she shall provide the certificate from MOH of the respective region.

Ø  Hostel

  • If any student in the hostel is suspected with symptoms or with the history of close contact with COVID-19 confirmed patients the students can inform the warden or sub warden who will inform the above-mentioned authorities.