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Department of Medical Laboratory Science

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Description of Course:

The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) programme is a four year degree programme comprising of eight semesters. Each year has two semesters, semester I and II. Each semester has 15 weeks of academic work and three weeks for examinations. MLS follows credit based course unit system, one theory/ tutorial credit is equal to 15 hours and one practical credit is equal to 30 hours. The UAHS awards the B. Sc. (Honours) in Medical Laboratory Sciences degree, for those who successfully earn the total 120 credits and get at least 2.0 GPA for examinations.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of Medical Laboratory Sciences degree programme should be able to:

Generic attributes:

• build leadership, administrative and managerial skills
• develop interdisciplinary knowledge
• engage in lifelong learning with commitment
• exhibit critical thinking
• communicate ideas effectively and maintain good public relationship
• develop team work and interpersonal skills
• analyze the issues surrounding the social environmental and ethical concerns
• construct good professional attitude, values and conduct
• perform evidence based practice and carry out research
• apply ethical principles in personal and professional life
• utilize Information Communication and Technology (ICT) skills

Specific attributes

• apply knowledge, skills, competencies and positive attitude towards implementation and development of the fields in Medical Laboratory services
• maintain ethical norms including confidentiality of information
• demonstrate leadership in the medical laboratory sciences
• maintain health care documents appropriately and accurately
• exhibit professional conduct during patient care
• mentor public and colleagues whenever needed
• maintain management information system (MIS) in the fields of medical laboratory sciences
• apply updated knowledge and competencies required for the betterment and development of professional care

Educational Programme Objectives

• Demonstrate knowledge of the theory and principles to perform routine testing in clinical laboratories
• Apply theories and practice related to laboratory management, safety, education and research
• Evaluate the suitability of specimens for analysis and determine the optimal method of analysis
• Demonstrate correct labelling/patient confidentiality, identifying, transport, and storing of specimens
• Correlate laboratory theories and terminologies to practical work
• Troubleshoot problems and take corrective action according to protocol
• Apply mathematical calculations to laboratory situations
• Apply quality control principles to monitor procedures, equipment, and technical competency
• Demonstrate safe work and infection control practices to ensure laboratory safety
• Carryout research, audits and assessments in the fields of medical laboratory sciences
• Formulate new ideas which would lead to innovations in the field of medical laboratory sciences

Training Facilities

The students obtain the laboratory training at the MLS Laboratory, laboratories in the various departments of FM, clinical laboratories at THJ and Base hospital Tellipallai. Further to this students get trainings in the Genetic laboratory, FM, University of Colombo.

Research Activities

Undergraduate research is considered as one of the requirements (10 credits) for the successful completion of MLS degree programme. The research is conducted individually and it has been included in the curriculum in the final year of the study programme.

Job Opportunities

On successful completion of B. Sc. (Hons.) in MLS study programme, the graduates are capable of developing their career locally and internationally in clinical as well as administrative fields such as:
• Medical Laboratory Scientists
• Medical Laboratory Technologist
• Clinical Scientist
• Academics
• Quality Control Officer
• Clinic Manager/Administrator
• Emergency Medical Services Coordinator
• Financial Manager/Planner Group Practice Administrator
• Hazardous Waste Coordinator
• Health Care Administrator
• Health Insurance Administrator
• Health Policy Analyst
• Health Promotion Coordinator
• Hospital Personnel Director Hospital
• Quality Assurance Coordinator Infection Control Office