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1. What are the privileges to become as the member of Library and What facilities available in Library?

All registered students of University of Jaffna (Undergraduate and Post- graduate), All permanent staffs of University and interested outsiders (short period reference facility) can become as the member of  University Library. All books for students of Allied Health Sciences are available in Medical Library, Faculty of Medicine.  Sufficient spaces for the reference of book and assess computers are provided in the library area.

Books, E-journals, computerized learning services, article searching, Inter library loan services and web-catalog searching facilities are available to facilitate learning and research.

2. What is the policy on preventing ragging in University of Jaffna?

University of Jaffna following Zero tolerance policy for ragging. Compliances regarding ragging can be reported through University web-site.

3. Is there any hardship bursaries available for students?

Yes. Mahapola, Bursary and vice chancellor fund are available. In addition to that students from B.Sc Nursing, obtain above ‘second class upper’ division can able to receive ‘Nandhi Gold Medal’ award and prize money

4. Is there a Health Center available at University of Jaffna?

Yes. It is located in University of Jaffna premises near to Faculty of Science and easily reaches through the back gate of the university. Any payments will not be charged for consultation and pharmacy. Students and staffs of University of Jaffna can use the facility.

5. What are the ‘inappropriate clothing’ inside the university and hospital?

Pairs of shorts, tights, short dress, tank tops, skinnies etc. are not considered appropriate inside the hospital and University. White over coat with Allied health Sciences batch is a must in hospital practice.

6. How can I find accommodation?

Those who need the accommodation, can apply to welfare of University of Jaffna, according to the vacancies available in the hostels students are accommodated. Vehicle facilities available for the hostels from Kondavil.

7. Where the Banks are near to the University?

The branch of Peoples’ Bank and Bank of Ceylon are in the university premises. Other banks ( Commercial bank, HNB, NDB, NSB are in the walking distance)