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Infrastructure Facilities

Academic activities of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing and Pharmacy are conducted within the premises of the Unit of Allied Health Sciences. The UAHS is housed in a three storey building; an administrative office, staff room for Nursing and the head’s room are located in the ground floor, staff room for Pharmacy and a lecture hall are located in the first floor, staff room for MLS and two lecture halls are located in the second floor, one lecture hall, a cooking demonstration room and a skill laboratory for nursing students are located in the third floor. Laboratories from the Faculty of Medicine and the Teaching Hospital Jaffna are utilised by students of Allied Health Sciences.

Laboratory Facilities

The UAHS students are using laboratory facilities available at Departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Physiology, Physics and Teaching hospital Jaffna. The discipline of Nursing has a skill lab for demonstration and cooking demonstration room.

Hospital Training

The Teaching Hospital, Jaffna serves as the place for clinical teaching for the Faculty of Medicine and UAHS. This hospital is situated about 4 kilometres from the Faculty. It has 1015 beds with the following units. General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedic Surgery, Coronary Care Unit, Oncology, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Dermatology and Unit for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. In addition it has a Pathological Laboratory, Pharmacy Services Blood Bank Service, Medical and Surgical Emergency Units, an Intensive Care Unit, Premature Baby Unit, Primary Health Care Unit. The Outpatients Department of this hospital has a daily turnover of about 1000 patients. In addition an average of 1000 patients are seen at specialist’s clinics. An outpatient’s clinic for leprosy patients is also conducted. The 19
hospital is under the administrative control of a Director of the Teaching Hospital. Psychiatry Unit is functioning at the District Hospital. Tellippalai, but clinics are conducted both at the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna and the District Hospital, Tellippalai.

Library Facility

Medical library

The Faculty of Medicine has its own Medical Library. It is located in the first floor of the Faculty. It has a collection of books of approximately 10,000 volumes and a good collection of periodicals for Medical and AHS Students. It has three sections – lending, reference and archives sections. The library has a capacity to accommodate 100 students at a time.

The Library is linked to the Health Literature Library Information Services Network (HELLIS), Sri Lanka, Organized under the aegis of the World Health Organization. The publications of the WHO are separately organized for the benefits of users. The Library also has a good collection of non – book materials such as cassettes both audio and visual, microfiche with their viewing and listening devices. (Television with deck, slide tape tutors, slide projector and microfiche reader).

There is also a section that contains books for Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical laboratory Sciences especially for the Allied Health Sciences Students. They also have a separate reading area.
Library Opening Hours:

Weekdays: – 08.00am – 06.00pm
Week ends: – 08.00am – 02.00pm
Sunday: – Closed
Public holidays: – Closed

Main University Library

This is situated in the university main premises about half kilometres from the Unit of Allied Health Sciences. There are ample materials for general reading.

IT Facilities

The UAHS has established a small computer section recently. In addition to this, the UAHS students have access to a well-established Computer Unit at the main University, which can be accessed by 10 minutes of cycling.

Hostel facility

The University provides limited lodging facilities in the halls of residence. The halls of residence are situated within walking distance of the Faculty. Arrangements could also be made to provide accommodation in approved private lodging houses.

Canteen and Cafeteria

The Medical Faculty canteen is situated in the premises of the Faculty of Medicine. It is managed by the Faculty of Medicine Teachers Union. A sub-committee comprising all the stakeholders, namely the students, supporting staff and academic staff is responsible to supervise its services.

Health Center

A University Health Centre is located within the University main premises. Free medical aid is available to the staff and students. The Health Centre will remain open from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on all weekdays except public holidays.Recreation facilities

Recreation Facilities

The facilities for recreation are provided by the University. Provisions have been made for sports such as cricket, football, basket ball, volley ball, net ball and table tennis. Indoor games such as table, badminton, chess, carom and thachi are also catered for.