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MLS Student Research Index


  Name Reg/No Research Title
01 Mr. Rasaratnam Karunaithas 2006/MLS/001 Prevalence of Intestinal Nematode infection and associated factors among children in three selected pre-schools of Vadamaraadchi Educational zone
02 Mr. R. Threeswaran 2006/MLS/004 Comparison of the automated hematology analyzer full blood count results with standard manual method practiced in hematology laboratory, Teaching, Hospital, Jaffna.
03 Mr. F.J.Mark Mithulan 2008/MLS/002 Occurrence, etiological organisms and ABST pattern of the ventilator associated pneumonia in Medical Intensive Care Unit, Teaching Hospital Jaffna
04 Miss. K.Sivagini 2008/MLS/06 Evaluation of the stability of blood glucose level with different combination of anti glycolytic agents added into the sample collection tube
05 Miss. P.Sushana 2007/MLS/04 Preliminary study on serum liver enzymes and bilirubin level among drivers at Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB)
06 Miss. M.Ushalini 2008/MLS/007 Occurrence of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus colonization among the nursing staffs in special units, oncology and surgical wards of Jaffna Teaching Hospital
07 Mr.S.Srijeyabhavan 2008/MLS/003 Occurrence, etiological organisms and ABST pattern of the sepsis in Medical Intensive Care Unit, Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
08 Miss. Kalaivani Manoharan 2008/MLS/001 Validity of urine microscopy, nitrite and leucocyte esterase tests by urine dipsticks in diagnosis of urinary tract infection among the patients admitted in Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
09 Miss R.Kalyani 2009/MLS/005 Prevalence of ESBL producing coliforms and their sensitivity pattern among clinically suspected urinary tract infection patients in medical and general surgical wards and ICU, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
10 Miss. M.N.Fathima Safrin 2009/MLS/004 Descriptive evaluation of urea and creatinine level in saliva and serum of chronic renal failure patients undergoing hemodialysis at Jaffna Teaching Hospital.
11 Miss. Janany annalingam 2007/MLS/001 Effects of sample preparation, pH, and storage condition on measurement of urine albumin in patients with diabetic nephropathy at Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
12 Miss. S.Sinthu 2009/MLS/09 Evaluation of the effects of time, temperature and different anticoagulants on the storage of serum and plasma alanine amino transferase.
13 Mr. A.Johngithan 2007/MLS/03 Prevalence of group B streptococcal colonization in pregnant women admitted for labour in maternity wards at Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
14 Miss. M.A.S.Aysha 2010/MLS/019 Comparison of glucose level in serum prepared with gel barrier collection tube and plasma prepared with sodium fluoride: potassium oxalate added tube
15 Miss. S.Sayanthiga 2010/MLS/022 Effect of storage time and temperature of plasma and whole blood on prothrombin time
16 Mr. T.Saseenthan 2010/MLS/023 Evaluation of the effect of the, temperature and repeated freeze thaw cycles on the measurements of serum high density lipoprotein
17 Miss. S.Sumana 2010/MLS/015 Comparing dipstick with routine urinalysis method and determining the effect of storage on urine pH sugar and protein in patients attending out – patient department laboratory, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna
18 Mr. H.Amith Pushpa kumara 2010/MLS/020 Determining the types and ABST pattern of organisms causing exacerbation COPD among patients admitted to medical wards, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
19 Mr.R.K.D.Nimesh Anuruddhika Rathnasiri 2010/MLS/001 Determine the serum magnesium level and its’ relationship with glycemic control in type two diabetic patients attending diabetic clinic at Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
20 Mr. K.Sivapirasanth 2011/MLS/014 Investigation on the stability of serum  and  potassium  at various  storage times and two different storage temperatures
21 Mr.K.M.C.Dewappriya 2011/MLS/025 Prevalence of Candida species among the patients suspected to have  urinary tract  infections, admitted to medical wards, Teaching hospital, Jaffna
22 Miss. B.Nirosheney 2011/MLS/016 Incidence and pattern of urinary tract infections before and after endoscopic urological  procedures, their antimicrobial susceptibility profiles and the associated risk factors among urology patients in Teaching hospital, Jaffna.
23 Miss. T.Narmatha 2011/MLS/021 Evaluation of the effect of hemolysis on aspartate aminotransferase measurement in serum samples
24 Mr. A.Pranavan 2011/MLS/019 Prevalence and type of culture positive organisms among clinically suspected urinary tract infection patients and their sensitivity pattern in Outpatient department Teaching hospital, Jaffna.
25 Miss. J.Aniththa 2011/MLS/017 Comparison of urine specific gravity measurement by reagent strip with hygrometry and refractometry in patients attending outpatient laboratory,

Teaching hospital, Jaffna.

26 Miss. K.Sumatha 2010/MLS/004 Prevalence of carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae and their sensitivity

Pattern in perineal region among patients in Intensive Care Units, Teaching

Hospital, Jaffna.

27 Miss. M.M.F.Fazlina 2011/MLS/027 Comparison of in vitro photo degradation of total bilirubin at different time

Intervals in serum exposed to room light and stored in darkness

28 Miss. M.K.S.Farwin 2011/MLS/024 Comparison of the sensitivity of Biuret, Lowry’ s, Hartree – Lowry s and

Bradford’s methods on total serum protein estimation

29 Miss. L.Dhushyanthiy 2011/MLS/003 Comparison of capillary blood packed cell volume with venous blood packed cell volume
30 Miss. K.G.A. Inushi Ariyawansha 2011/MLS/026 Evaluation of the Interference of glucose in creatinine measurement by Jaffe method in    pooled normal serum
31 Miss. B.Jalini 2011/MLS/013 Comparison of  urine glucose level measured by urine strip and Simonyi

Method at different levels of vitamin C interference in pooled normal urine

32 Miss. T.Nivethini 2011/MLS/023 Validation of various hemoglobin measurement methods compared

With reference hemoglobin cyanide (HiCN)  method.

33 Miss. R.M. Achala Madhuwanthi Rathnayaka 2011/MLS/009 Correlation between random urinary  Protein: Creatinine ratio and 24 hours urine protein in patients with proteinuria at Teaching Hospital Jaffna
34 Miss. S. Prasshanthy 2011/MLS/018 Comparison of the effect of  K2EDTA and disodium citrate anticoagulants at

Various time intervals with different storage temperature on measurement of ESR

35 Miss. H.M.Madhushanki Sasreeka Agalakotuwa 2011/MLS/022 Molecular characterization of genes involved in Extended – Spectrum Beta –

Lactamases producing E.coli isolated from diabetic patients with urinary tract infection.

36 Mr. J.Sumith Miranda 2011/MLS/020  Evaluation of dengue NS1 rapid immuno chromatography assay (ICT) with Enzyme  Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for dengue virus NS1 antigen detection
38 Mr. N.Thiviyarajh 2011/MLS/001 Preliminary study on metabolic screening in adult patients with recurrent and

multiple renal stones