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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS) offers three-degree programmes namely; B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences, B.Sc. in Nursing and Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. Quality of these progrmmes were monitored by the Medical Education Cell (MEC) of the Faculty of Medicine for a long time, but in order to meet the vision of the allied health programmes, the 425th Senate of the University of Jaffna initiated the Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at the FAHS. A coordinator has been appointed for the Cell, who is working with the Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Jaffna to improve standards. IQAC at the FAHS is composed of arrangements to provide assurance of learning with confidence, and awareness throughout the institution.

Functions and Responsibilities:

IQAC shall design action plans and implementation mechanisms to ensure that the Quality principles (Best practices) are actually practiced by the faculty. The ‘‘best practices” are dynamic and continuous. They are the result of identification, experimentation, reflection, feedback and innovation based on experience. Best practices are amenable to documentation and have the potential for replication; they are transparent, accountable, affordable and accessible to both staff and students, and add value to an institution. They are contextual and influenced by many factors. Best Practices show the path to success through continuous improvement leading to the benchmark of excellence.


Mrs. D. Thabotharan: Chairperson Dean, FAHS

Dr.(Mrs.) S. Sivasinthujah: Coordinator/ IQAC, Coordinator/ UBL, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy

Mrs. K. Tharmendra: Secretary, IQAC/FAHS, Assistant Register, FAHS

Mrs. M. Komathy: Senior Assistant Librarian

Mrs. T. Gnanakarunyan: Head/Department of MLS, Chairperson/Curriculum Development, Student counsellor, Senior Lecturer, Department of MLS

Mrs. L. Kamalarupan: Head/Department of Nursing, Chairperson /Student welfare, FAHS, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing

Mr. S. Thuvaragan: Head/Department of Pharmacy, Chairperson of Research & Higher degrees committee, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy

Dr.K.Ketheeswaran: Deputy proctor, Member of Sport Adversary committee.

Mrs. P. Sathya:             Coordinator/e-repository, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy

Dr.R. Karunaithas:      Gender equity and equality , Senior Lecturer, Department of MLS

Mr. S. Sathees:             Dean’s nominee, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing

Following information are collected by the IQAC to support the study programmes

  • Monitoring the releasing results
  • Prepared the following feedback forms
  • Course evaluation
  • Lecturer evaluation by students
  • Graduate exit survey
  • Report on Moderator of examination papers
  • Peer observation
  • Report on second marking
  • External Examiner Report
  • Resource person evaluation for conducted workshops
  • Evaluating and submitting the summary report of evaluation form
  • details of drop out students
  • details of E-books/FAHS
  • employment detail of graduates
  • Collected details regarding time taken for the graduation and number of students completed their course within stipulated period

Postal Address:

Allied Health Sciences,
Faculty of Medicine,
Adiyapatham Road,
Kokuvil West, Kokuvil.


News & EventsGalleryDownloads/Documents
  1. Manual-for-Institutional-Review-1
  2. Manual-for-Review-of-Undergraduate-Study-Programmes
  3. Evaluation forms
  4. Guide for Identifying Predatory Journals
  5. Introduction of early exit or fallback qualifications for an existing undergraduate postgraduate programme of study
  6. Format of progress score card
  7. Format of progress PR action plan