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Pharmacy Publications

Journal Articles

  • Benson SL, Maheswaran, Ware MA, Hunter CN, Horton P, Jansson S, Ruban AV and Johnson MP (2015). An Intact Light Harvesting Complex I Antenna System is required for complete State Transitions in Arabidopsis. Nature Plants,1, 15176
  • Adam, J., M. Yang, Bauerschmidt, M. Kitagawa, L. O’Flaherty, S. Rossell, Maheswaran, L. Zheng, R. A. Notebaart, G. Özkan, N. Sahgal, D. Baban, K. Kato, K. Saito, M. Stratford, E. Guade, C. Pugh, D. Tenant, C. Ludwig, C. Frezza, B. Davies, P. Ratcliffe, M. El-Bahrawy, H. Ashrafian, T. Soga, and P.J Pollard. (2013).  A Role For Cytosolic Fumarate Hydratase In Urea Cycle Metabolism And Renal NeoplasiaCell Reports3, 1440 – 1448
  • Sinnadurai ThuvaraganKrishnamoorthy BalakumarSiram Karthik, 2017, Multifaceted nanostructures in drug delivery, Pharmaceutical Journal of Sri LankaVolume 7, issue 1
  • Muthuirulappan Thirumaran, Krishnamoorthy Balakumar,  Chellan Vijaya Raghavan, Sinnadurai Thuvaragan, 2014, Formulation And In VitroRelease Kinetic Study Of An Enteric Coated Paroxetine Controlled Release Tablets, Asian Journal of  Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(2), 63 – 73
  • Marqvorsen, M. H. S.; Paramasivam, S.; Doelman, W.; Fairbanks, A. J. & Van kasteren, S. I. 2019. Efficient synthesis and enzymatic extension of an n-glcnaz asparagine building block. Chem. Commun (camb). 55, 5287-5290.
  • Paramasivam, S. & Fairbanks, A. J. 2019. Rapid synthesis of N-glycan oxazolines from locust bean gum via the lafont rearrangement. Carbohydr. Res., 477, 11-19.
  • Sivasinthujah, P.; Srikaran, R.; Thavaranjit, A. C.; Velauthamurty, K.; Tharmila, C. J.; Abiman, P. & Iyngaran, P. 2014. Contents of nitrate, nitrite and the occurrence of bacteria in fermented cooked parboiled rice and their potential ingestion in the diet. J. Microbiol. Biotechn., 4, 56.
  • Sathya, S., Herath, H.M.D.R., Amarasinghe,N.R..& Suraweera,R.K. (2017). Formulation development of cream incorporating extracts of Glycyrrhiza glabra(Licorice). Pharmaceutical Journal of Sri Lanka,Vol 7 (1),  pp 44–50.

Research communications

  • Kalki,P and Arthorn, R. (2016). Study on use of medicinal plants; a systematic review on methodology accepted for oral presentation on April 8, 2016 in 25th Anniversary International Scientific Conference, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya- 2016
  • Kalki, P., Mikunthan, T and Vijayaratnam, R. (2002). Low cost emiters and their Performance due to pressure difference. proceedings of the 10th Annual sessions of the Jaffna Science Association held on April 3rd -5th 2002, 10 (1):32
  • Kalki, P., Mikunthan, T and Vijayaratnam, R. (2001). Evaluation of suitable low cost materials for drip emitters, proceedings of the 9th Annual sessions of the Jaffna Science Association held on April 4th -6th 2001, 9 (1):3
  • Mikunthan, T., Kalki, P and Vijayaratnam, R (2001). Uniformity of different low cost emitters in trickle irrigation, Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science (SLAAS). Proceedings of the 57 th Annual session, Part I – Abstracts. 26 November- 01 December, 2001. Colombo. Pp152.
  • Ghobika, R., Dilusha, K., Dineshkumar, T., Chandricca, A., Disanayake, D.M.C.N., Safa, S.F., Fernando, W.K.J.S., Hasson, M.H.M.S. Chinthana, VD.N.I., Galagoda, O.B., Gamage, K.G.P.P.M., Gowrisangar, K., Hariohamm, Y. Ihran, S.M. Nuskiya, N.L.F. Kandeepan, K., Sivansuthan, S., Balakumar, S. and Arasaratnam, V. (2018). A descriptive study on the relationship between selected physiological paparameters and visceral adiposity index among non-diabetic hypertensive patients attending medical clinics, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna. Proceedings of undergraduate Research Symposium – 2018, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, 07th August 2018, pp. 04.
  • Sinnadurai Thuvaragan, Thivya Janarthanan, Thujana Ismail, Rajendra Surendrakumaran, 2019, Knowledge and prevalence on usage of herbals and nutraceuticalsamon the patient attending out-patient department in private tertiary hospital in Jaffna, International conference on public health and well being – 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Sinnadurai ThuvaraganDhanushi SamarathungaCeyloni HaridasManoranjan Tkandeepan K, 2018, Evaluation of in vitro antiurolithiatic activity of selected plants on experimentally prepared calcium oxalate stones, First International Conference and Exhibition on Siddha Medicine, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
  • Sinnadurai ThuvaraganThivyaluxmy, 2017, Comparative study on acid neutralizing capacities and prices of selected antacid suspensions available in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, IPURSE 2017, peradeniya, Srilanka
  • Sinnadurai ThuvaraganThiyahiny SNNadeesha RM, 2017, Self-medication practice among the students of University of Jaffna, The scientific sessions, 2017 , Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  • Sinnadurai ThuvaraganNagasudeep, 2014, Formulation And In Vitro Evaluation Of Oral Dispersible Thin Film of Nisoldipine, National conference on challeges in drug delivery research.
  • Sathya, S., Jayasinghe, L., and Amarasinghe. N.R., Araya, H., & Fujimoto, Y. (2019). α-Glucosidase inhibitors from mace (Myristica fragrans), 9th International Seminar, From Plant to Patient: Identification of New Drugs for Metabolic Disorders, University of Karachi, Pakistan, 25th– 27th January 2019, pp. 95.
  • Sathya, S., Jayasinghe, L., and Amarasinghe, N.R., (2018). Investigation of neuroprotective activity of Sri Lankan spices. Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Spices and Other Natural Products XVI, TheBandaranayake Memorial International Conference Hall Colombo, Sri Lanka,12th-14thDecember 2018, pp. 167.
  • Farook,F. N., Sathya, S., Jayasinghe,L., and Amarasinghe. N.R., (2018). Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory and antioxidant activity of some vegetables, Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Spices and Other Natural Products XVI, The Bandaranayake Memorial International Conference Hall Colombo, Sri Lanka, 12th-14thDecember 2018, pp. 183
  • Dharmadasa,R.D.R.M.,Sathya, S., Jayasinghe,L., and Amarasinghe. N.R., (2018).Acetylcholinesterase enzyme inhibitory activity of Olax zeylanica, Pharmaceutical Journal of Sri Lanka, 23rd June 2018, pp. 24.
  • Sathya, S., Jayasinghe,L., and Amarasinghe. N.R.,(2018).Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from mace (Myristica fragrans)1st Sri Lankan Regional ANRAP Seminar (ANRAPSL1) on Herbal Approaches in Combating Diabetes and other Tropical Diseases, National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka,17th-19thJanuary 2018, pp. 56.
  • Sathya, S., Qader, M.M., Jayasinghe, L., and Amarasinghe. N.R., (2017). Search for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from Sri Lanka spices. PGIS Research Congress, Postgraduate Institute of Science, University of Peradeniya, 8th& 9th September 2017, pp. 104.
  • Sambavathas, S., Herath, H.M.D.R., Amarasinghe, N.R. & Suraweera, R.K. (2016). Formulation, development and assessment of skin whitening efficacy of whitening cream of Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice). Peradeniya University International Research Sessions (iPURSE), University of Peradeniya,4th & 5th November 2016, pp. 199.