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Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing and Pharmacy students have engaged in research activities in number of research areas and their research activities have been published in national and international journals.

Medical Laboratory Science

  • R Karunaithas , A Murugananthan  and S Kannathasan (2012). Prevalence and associated factors of soil transmitted helminthes infestation among preschool children of Vadamaradchi Educational Zone. Ving. Journal of Science 10 (1), 25-34.
  • Mahalingam U, Thirunavukarasu K, Murugananthan K. (2014). Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus among nurses in a tertiary care hospital in northern Sri Lanka. Ceylon Medical Journal. 59(2):63-5.
  • Iyampillai T, Michael JS, Mathai E, Mathews MS. (2004). Use of CHROMagar medium in the differentiation of Candida species: is it cost-effective in developing countries? Ann Trop Med Parasitol. 98(3):279-82.


  • Samuel Benson, P. Maheswaran, Maxwell Ware, C. Hunter, Peter Horton, Stefan Jansson, Alexander Ruban, and Matthew Johnson. (2015). An Intact Light Harvesting Complex I Antenna System is required for complete State Transitions in Arabidopsis. Nature Plants. 1, 1576.
  • Adam, J., M. Yang, Bauerschmidt, M. Kitagawa, L. O’Flaherty, S. Rossell, P. Maheswaran, L. Zheng, R. A. Notebaart, G. Özkan, N. Sahgal, D. Baban, K. Kato, K. Saito, M. Stratford, E. Guade, C. Pugh, D. Tenant, C. Ludwig, C. Frezza, B. Davies, P. Ratcliffe, M. El-Bahrawy, H. Ashrafian, T. Soga, and P.J Pollard. (2013).  A Role For Cytosolic Fumarate Hydratase In Urea Cycle Metabolism And Renal NeoplasiaCell Reports. 3, 1440 – 1448.
  • P.Sivasinthujah, R.Srikaran,  A.C.Thavaranjit, K.Velauthamurty, C.J.Tharmila, P.Abiman and P.Iyngaran. (2014). Contents of nitrate, nitrite and the occurrence of bacteria in fermented cooked parboiled rice and their potential ingestion in the diet. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Research. 4 (4):56-61.
  • Thirumaran, M., Balakumar, K., Raghavan, C. V. and Thuvaragan, S.  (2014). Formulation and in vitro release kinetic study of an enteric coated Paroxetine Controlled release tablets. Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  2(2), 63 – 73.