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MLS Publications

Journal Articles

  • R Karunaithas , A Murugananthan and S Kannathasan (2012). Prevalence and associated factors of soil transmitted helminthes infestation among preschool children of Vadamaradchi Educational Zone. Ving. Journal of Science 10 (1), 25-34.
  • Mahalingam U, Thirunavukarasu K, Murugananthan K. (2014). Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus among nurses in a tertiary care hospital in northern Sri Lanka. Ceylon Medical Journal. 59(2):63-5.
  • Iyampillai T, Michael JS, Mathai E, Mathews MS. (2004). Use of CHROMagar medium in the differentiation of Candida species: is it cost-effective in developing countries? Ann Trop Med Parasitol. 98(3):279-82.

Research Communications

  • Balakittnen J, Kesavan V, & Karthigesu, K. (2018). Correlation between Plasma and Salivary Glucose Levels on Diabetic Patients Attending Diabetic Center at Teaching Hospital , Jaffna, Third Annual Academic Sessions 2018, College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri lanka.
  • S Sivalingam, V Kesavan, R surenthirakumaran, S Balakumar: Comparison of dipstick and manual method for urine pH, sugar and protein in patients attending Out-patient departments laboratory, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, KDU International Research Conference 2017.