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Research communications

  • Kamalarupan L., Sivapalan K.,Surendrakumaran R. Sivarajah N. 2013. Factors affecting the early initiation of breastfeeding at birth in the Jaffna municipal council area. Annual Scientific Sessions of the Physiological Society of Sri Lanka. pp22.
  • Kamalarupan L., Sivapalan K., Surendrakumaran R. Sivarajah N 2012. Factors affecting the early initiation of breastfeeding at Birth in the Jaffna Municipal Council area. Proceedings of abstract of 44th APACPH Conference.pp 241.
  • O Thulasika, S Banneheka, Y Koyama, M Uchiyama(2018) Quantitative Evaluation of number of chewing times and saliva secretion in adults with regard to different diet styles in Japan and Sri Lanka –Full paper in the Proceedings of the 4th Jaffna University InternationalResearch Conference (JUICe 2018), Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, 2018. Vol 04,pp-104 (Oral Presentation on 27th of September 2018) Abstract in the Proceedings of the 1st International Nursing Congress,Department of Nursing, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya, 2018. Vol 01, pp-7 (Oral Presentation on 6th of April 2018)

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