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Pharmacy – Student Research Index


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1S.W.R.Hansamana Weerasinghe Index.No2016/PHA/001 Reg.No.2015/PHA/004 Knowledge And Practices Of Oral Healthcare And Usage Of Oral Hygiene Products Among The Students Of Ahs Of University Of Jaffna And Influence Ofsocio Demographic Factors On Them
2Rajani Neranjala Chandradasa In.No2016/PHA/002 R.No2015/PHA/005Mr. S Thuvaragan Dr. K Sanchayan Dr. P A D CoongheKnowledge And Practice On Self-Management Of Medication And Influenced Of Selected Factorson It Among Diabetic Patients On Insulin Attending To Medical Clinic Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
3Vimalrajah Muraleeson In.No2016/PHA/003 R.No.2015/PHA/006 Dispensing Practice And The Factors Influencing On It Among The Outpatient Department Pharmacy Users At Teaching Hospital Jaffna And Type-A Base Hospitals In Jaffna District
4D.M.Lakshitha Didulanka Bandara In.No2016/PHA/004 R.No.2015/PHA/007Mr. S. Thuvaragan Dr. K. Sanchayan Dr. R. SurenthirakumaranInfluence Of Socio-Demographic And Work Related Factorson Knowledge And Attitude In Antibiotic Resistance And Self Antibiotic Practice Among Of Pharmacy And Nursing Professionals In Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
5Siddeek Fathima Siknas In.No2016/PHA/005 R.No.2015/PHA/008 Knowledge And Practice Regarding The Usage Of Corticosteroids And Influence Of Selected Socio Demographic Factors On Them Among Adult Patients Who Are Prescribed With Corticosteroids At Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
6A.H.R.Sathsara Srikan Premathilake In.No2016/PHA/006 R.No.2015/PHA/009 Comparative Quality Evaluation Of Available Different Marketed Brands Of Polyherbal Medicine “Triphala” Tablets And Capsules In Jaffna Municipal Area
7Baskaran Nibethika In.No2016/PHA/007 R.No.2015/PHA/013 Knowledge And Practice On Usage Of Anthelmintic Drugs And Influence Of Selected Socio Demographic Factors And Knowledge On Worm Infection On Them Among Parents Of Paediatric Patients Attending Opd At Teaching Hospital Of Jaffna.
8Mahammadu Fathima Fazana In.No2016/PHA/008 R.No.2015/PHA/014Mr.P.Kalki Mr.M.Jeyanthan Dr.A.VengadaramanaEvaluation Of Physical And Chemical Parameters And Microbial Stability Of Selected Semisolid Extemporaneous Preparations Which Are Being Dispensed At Skin Clinic, Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
9K.M.Bhagya Madhushani In.No2016/PHA/009 R.No.2015/PHA/015 Knowledge, Practice And Perceived Barriers Of Antiulcer Agents For Peptic Ulcer Among Allied Health Science Students In University Of Jaffna
10T.G. Ushani Darshika In.No2016/PHA/010 R.No.2015/PHA/016Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranAttitudes, Practice And Perceived Barriers For Implementingpharmaceutical Care And Influence Of Socio- Demographic And Work- Related Factors On Them Among State Pharmacists In Northern Province, Sri Lanka
11N.Thanushika In.No2016/PHA/011 R.No.2015/PHA/019 Knowledge And Practices On The Management Of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections And Influence Of Selected Sociodemographic Factors On Them Among Undergraduate Students Of University Of Jaffna
12Madushad Abeysighe In.No2016/PHA/012 R.No.2015/PHA/020Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Mr.H.K.P.Senadeera.Comparative Evaluation Of Quality Of Different Brands Of Amoxicillin Capsules With Innovated Brand Available In Private Pharmacies In Jaffna Municipal Area
13Yasothara Balasubramaniam In.No2016/PHA/013 R.No.2015/PHA/021 Pattern Of Internet Usage For Health-Related Information And Influence Of Selected Socio-Demographic Factors On It Among The Undergraduate Students Of University Of Jaffna
14Subodi Randima Edirisinghe In.No2016/PHA/014 R.No.2015/PHA/025 Influence Of Selected Socio-Demographic And Patient Related Factors On Medication Adherence Among Patients With Coronary Heart Disease In Teaching Hospital Jaffna
15Yalini Karunanithy In.No2016/PHA/015 R.No.2015/PHA/029Mr.P.Kalki Dr.(Mrs).M.G.SathiadasKnowlegde And Practice Regarding Parental Self-Medicationand Influence Of Selected Socio Demographic Factors On Them Amongparentsofpaediatric Patients, Admitted Toteaching Hospital Jaffna.
16Thadsanamoorthy  Thushiyananth In.No2016/PHA/016 R.No.2015/PHA/030Mr. P. Kalki Dr. R. SurenthirakumaranCommunity Pharmacists’knowledge, Perception And Practice Towards Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting And The Factors Influence On Themin Jaffna District
17Mohamed Hanifa Fathima Nasrifa In.No2016/PHA/017 R.No.2015/PHA/033Mr. P. Kalki Dr. R. Surenthirakumaran Dr. (Mrs). M.G. SathiadasAssessment Ofknowledge Onprobiotics And Prebiotics Andinfluence Of Selected Socio-Demographic And Work-Related Factors On Them Among State Pharmacists In Northern Province,Sri Lanka.
18Udani Lakmali Thilakarathne In.No2016/PHA/018 R.No.2015/PHA/041 Knowledge And Compliance Of Methylphenidate Use Among The Guardians Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adhd) Children Attending A Tertiary Care Hospital In Sri Lanka.
19B.S.M.Dileka Thathsarani Dayananda In.No2016/PHA/019 R.No.2015/PHA/044Mr. S.Thuvaragan Dr. R.SurenthirakumaranPatient Knowledge On Dispensed Medication And Influence Of Socio Demographic And Patient Related Factors Among Patients Attending Medical Clinic Pharmacy, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna
20Chamika Nishadini In.No2016/PHA/020 R.No.2015/PHA/045 Comparative Evaluation Of Antibacterial Activity Between Different Solvent Fractions And Essential Oil Ofcyperusrotundusl. Rhizomes
21Sambasivam Hobinath In.No2016/PHA/021 R.No.2015/PHA/046 Knowledge, Practice And Compliance On Usage Of Alendronate Sodium Tablet And Influence Of Selected Socio Demographic Factors On It Among Patients Attending At Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
22R.Thushanthan In.No2016/PHA/023 R.No.2015/PHA/062Mr. S. Thuvaragan, Dr. P.A. Dinesh CoongheKnowledge Attitude And Practice On Usage Of Skin Whitening Products And Influence Of Socio-Demographic Factors On Them Among The Undergraduate Students Of University Of Jaffna.


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Miss.ThamilinySugumar Reg.No:2014/PHA/008Mr.S.Thuvaragan. Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr.T.S.NavaratnarajahAttitude and practice related to usage of traditional medicine for diabetes mellitus and influence of factors on traditional medicine usage among the diabetic patients attending medical clinic at Teaching Hospital Jaffna
2H.M.Rangana IsharaGunarathna Reg.No:2014/PHA/009Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr.S.T.S.ChandrakumarInfluence of socio-demographic factors on knowledge and practice regarding multi-dose eye drops usage among glaucoma patients attending the eye clinic in Teaching Hospital Jaffna
3Miss. ThanujahMurugathas Reg.No:2014/PHA/010Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr.M.GuruparanKnowledge and practice regarding the usage of sublingual Glyceryl Trinitrate tablet and the influence of socio demographic factors on them among patients attending cardiology clinic at Teaching Hospital Jaffna
4Mr. NadarajaClindon Reg.No:2014/PHA/011Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranAttitudes and perceptions about the role of Clinical Pharmacist in inward patient management and associated factors, among nurses at Teaching Hospital Jaffna
5MedaraLakminiKaluarachchi Reg.No:2014/PHA/012Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.T.S.Navaratnarajah Dr.P.A.D. CoongheKnowledge and attitude regarding adverse drug reaction reporting and influence of socio-demographic and work-related factors on them among pharmacist in Northern Province, Sri Lanka.
6Mr.W.K.ThameeraMaduranga Reg.No:2014/PHA/013Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr.K.SanchayanKnowledge and practice on intake of folic acid supplements and dietary folate and influence of socio-demographic factors on them among pregnant women attending to the antenatal clinic, Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
7Miss.ThavakularasaThilaxy Reg.No:2014/PHA/015Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranKnowledge and attitudes towards role of community pharmacist in healthcare system and influence of socio demographic abd educational factors on them among the students of Faculty of Science, University of Jaffna.
8W.M.Achira Maduwanthi Reg.No:2014/PHA/016Dr.S.Kannathasan Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr.R.Srikaran Mr.S.ThuvaraganFormulation & evaluation of herbal mosquito repellent gel containing leave extracts of three different species of ocimum sanctum (thulsi) against dengue mosquitoes
9Miss. KajavathanyKulasingam Reg.No:2014/PHA/017Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr.M.AravinthanKnowledge and practice regarding insulin usage and the influence of socio demographic factors among diabetic patients on insulin attending medical clinic at Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
10Mr.Ramachandran Tharsan Reg.No:2014/PHA/018Mr.P.Kalki Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe Dr. M. AravinthanKnowledge and practices regarding thyroxin medicine therapy and influence of socio demographic factors among patients with primary hypothyroidism attending Endocrinology clinic at Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
11Miss.Ibrahim Sahib Fathima Ijasa Reg.No:2014/PHA/019Mr.P.Kalki Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.M.GuruparanDetermination of the knowledge on rational usage of oral anticoagulant and association of socio demographic factors and personnel factors on it among patients attending cardiology clinic at Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.  
12Mr.Vigneswaran Murugathas Reg.No:2014/PHA/022Mr.P.Kalki Mrs.T.GnanakarunjanIn-vitro Evaluation of Antibacterial activity and Combination effects between Antibiotics and Essential oils.
13Miss.AthamBawa Samsun Nisha Reg.No:2014/PHA/023Mr.S.Thuvaragan. Mrs.T.Gnanakarunyan Dr.T.ManoranjanFormulation and evaluation of antibacterial herbal gel containing leaves extracts of Acalypha indica and Eclipta alba.


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Miss.N.Sachini Reg.No:2013/PHA/001Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.M.G.Sathiadas Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranKnowledge on inhaler device technique among state sector pharmacists in northern province, Sri Lanka and influence of socio-demographic and work –related factors on knowledge regarding inhaler device technique.
2Miss.R.M.DhamsikaNishadini Reg.No:2013/PHA/003Mr.S.Thuvaragan, Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran, Dr.ChrishanthiRajasooriyar (MD,FRANZCR)Knowledge and practice of safe Handling of ahtineoplastic chemotherapy drugs among pharmacists and nurses in selected oncology units in Sri Lanka.
3Mr.D.M.S.M.K.Danapala Reg.No:2013/PHA/004Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.T.S.NavaratinarajahDispensing practice and attitude regarding dispensing errors and influence of socio demographic and work related factors on them Among state pharmacist and dispensers in Jaffna among state pharmacist and dispensers in Jaffna district.
4Mr.G.M.C.B.Galkanda Reg.No:2013/PHA/005Mr.P.Kalki, Dr.(Mrs)M.G.Sathiadas Dr.T.S.NavaratnarajaKnowledege and practice regarding Usage of oral Rehydration solution and influence of socoio demographic factors among caregivesrs of paediatric patients, Admitted to teaching hospital Jaffna.
5Miss.Thuvaragathangavel Reg.No:2013/PHA/007Mr.P.Kalki Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.T.S.NavaratnarajahAdherence to anti tuberculosis drug therapy and knowlegeon anti tb drugs influence of socio demographic and economic factors on it among the patients trated at Jaffna chest clinic.
6Miss.G.Gnanasubashini Reg.No:2013/PHA/011Mr.P.Kalki Dr.M.Aravinthan Dr.T.S.NavaratnarajahDirect costs of treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus with or without complications and factors influencing on costs among patients attending diabetic center at teaching hospital, Jaffna.
7Mr.K.Tharsan Reg.No:2013/PHA/012Mr.P.Kalki Mrs.T. GnanakarunayanEvaluation of efficacy of disinfectants using standard method in teaching hospital Jaffna.
8Miss.HirishikaKaneshamoorthi Reg.No:2013/PHA/013Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.T.S.Navaratnarajah Mr.S.ThuvaraganKnowledge regarding drug information on combined oral contraceptive pills and influence of socio demographic and work related factors among the state sector pharmacists working in northern province of Sri Lanka.
9Miss.ShiromeeArunasalam Reg.No:2013/PHA/014Mr.P.Kalki Dr.T.S.Navaratnarajah Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranKnowledge and practice regarding handling of leftovermedicines prescribed to pediatric patients and influencing of socio-demographic and economicfactors on them among caregivers of pediatric patients attending pediatric clinics at teaching hospital Jaffna
10Miss.M.L.FathimaSumaiya Reg.No:2013/PHA/018Mr.P.Kalki Dr.T.S.Navaratnarajah Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranKnowledge and practices regarding self medication of analgesic drugs and influence of socio- demographic and health factors on them among the elderly patients attending medical clinic at teaching hospital Jaffna.
11Mr.C.M.Diviyagahage Reg.No:2013/PHA/019Mr.S.Thuvaragan Mrs.T.J.Gnanakarunyan Dr.Mr.R.SrikaranFormulation and evaluation of herbal aniibacterial hand wash gel using essential oils of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia).


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Mrs.Thujana Ismail. Reg.No:2012/PHA/001Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranKnowledge, attitude and prevalence of self- usage of herbal and nutraceuticals among the patients attending northern central hospital, Jaffna.
2Ms.W.M.AnoshaNilmini Bandara Reg.No:2012/PHA/002Mr.P.Kalki Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranThe availability & Retail Prices of Sri Lankan Price fixed essential Medicines and influence of the institutional factors on availability, in Private Pharmacies in Jaffna Municipal area.
3M.I ShamilaRimzy Reg.No:2012/PHA/004Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.Mr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratinarajaKnowledge, attitude and practice on antibiotic usage among students of University of Jaffna.
4E.M.MadhushaniSewwandikalakmali Reg.No:2012/PHA/005Mr.S.Thuvaragan Mr.K.D.AthulaKuruppuComparative quality analysis of Different brands of different brands of Metformin Hydrochloride conventional tablets available in Jaffna Municipal area.
5Miss.G.S.H. Kausalya, Reg.No:2102/PHA/011Mr.S.Thuvaragan Mr.K.P.B.AlwisComparative evaluation of price and quality of different brands of Atrovastatin tablet in Jaffna Municipal area.
6Mr.A.M.Inayethullah Reg.No:2012/PHA/012Mr.P.Kalki Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratinarajaConsumer satisfaction with services provided in private pharmacies in Jaffna municipal area.
7Mr.J.A.Salman Faris Reg.No:2012/PHA/013Mr.P.Kalki Dr.(Mrs).T.S.NavaratnarajahKnowledge and Usage of analgesics among the students of University of Jaffna and influence of socio demographic factors on them.
8Miss.K.Kugatheepa Reg No.2012/PHA/014Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranMD(com.Med) Mr.P.Kalki Dr. (Mrs).T.S.NavaratnarajahJob satisfaction among state sector pharmacists and dispensers who are working in Jaffna district and influence of socio-demographic and work related factors on it.
9Miss.ThivyaJanarthanan Reg.No:2012/PHA/015Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Mr.S.ThuvaraganKnowledge and practices of pharmaceutical wastage management and influence of socio demographic and work related factors on these in private pharmacies in Jaffna municipal area.
10Miss.HaridasCeyloniSuluckshica Reg.No:2012/PHA/016Dr.(Mrs).T.S.Navaratnarajah Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Mr.S.ThuvaraganKnowledge on drug – drug interaction and influence of student, teaching and practical training related factors on it among final year pharmacy undergraduate students in Sri Lanka.
11Ms.H.M.A.K.Abeykoon Reg.No:2012/PHA/019Mr.S.Thuvaragan Mr.R.M.RajithaRanasinghaEvaluation of Binding & Disintegration Properties of Starch obtained from selected Plants, as an alternative tablet excipient to corn starch
12Miss. AbiramyKobalakrishnan Reg.No:2012/PHA/020Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.(Mrs).M.G.Sathiadas Mr.S.ThuvaraganHousehold practice on administration and storage of reconstituted medicinal syrups and influencing factors on it among parents of paediatric parents at OPD pharmacy, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
13Miss.R.M.GeeshaniMadukaDarshani Reg.No:2012/PHA/021Mr.P.Kalki Dr.Navaratnarajah Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran  Patients’ knowledge regarding antiepileptic drug treatment and adherence to drug therapy among adult epileptic patients attending teaching hospital Jaffna and influence of socio-Demographic factors on them.
14Miss.TharminiNajal Reg.No:2012/PHA/023Dr.S.Chandrakumar Mrs.T.Gananakarunyan Mr.S.ThuvaraganBacterial Contamination of Multi dose ophthalmic drops & impact of Patients’ Knowledge and associated factors influencing on it, among Glaucoma patients, Teaching hospital, Jaffna.
15Miss.S.Thivyaluxmy Reg.No:2012/PHA/031Dr.T.S.Navaratinarajah Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranPattern of antibiotic usage and factors influencing on diabetic foot ulcer patients in surgical wards, teaching hospital, Jaffna.


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Miss.ThankavadyveluArthiya Reg.No: (2011/PHA/003)Dr.Mrs.T.S.Navaratinarajah Mr.S.ThuvaraganAnalyzing the quality of private pharmacies in Jaffna, municipal area.
2Mr.A.M.DineshSarathchandra Reg.No: (2011/PHA/020)Mr.Pratheesh Maheswaran Dr. S. ThuraisamySarma Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratnarajahDrug Utilization Evaluation of Cephalosporin in Surgical Wards of Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
3Miss.M.H.MasrathMinha Reg.No: (2011/PHA/021)Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratinarajahMedication Adherence and Associated Patient Related Factors Among Hypertensive Patients Attending Medical Clinics Of Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.
4Mr.S.Dhushyanth Reg.No: (2011/PHA/022)Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratinarajahPatient’s Perception on the role of pharmacist as a health care provider and satisfaction on pharmacy service in clinic pharmacy at teaching hospital Jaffna.
5Mr.Balakrishnanprasath kumar Reg.No: (2011/PHA/025)Mr.S.Thuvaragan Ms.P.DantanarayanaFormulation and evaluation of diclofenac sodium orodispersible tablet containing ginger powder.
6Mr.M.H.Mohamed Usman Reg.No: (2011/PHA/027)Mr.P.Kalki Dr.T.S.NavaratinarajahPatient adherence, wastage of prescribed medicine and factors influencing medication adherence, among the patients who visit to the clinic pharmacy at teaching hospital, Jaffna.
7Mr.T.Dilipan Reg.No: (2011/PHA/028)Dr.A.Murugananthan Dr.K.Kandeepan Mr.S.ThuvaraganIn-vitro evaluation of antioxidant and anthelmintic activity of crataeva religiosa.
8Mr.H.M.P.M.Jayasinghe Reg.No: (2011/PHA/030)Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.A.MurugananthanIn-vitro anthelmintic activity of products derived from Borrassusflaballifer plant.
9Mr.S.Thivyaluxmy Reg.No: (2011/PHA/031)Dr.T.S.Navaratinaraja Dr.Nasmiya Mubarak Dr.R.SurenthirakumaranPattern of antibiotic usage and factors influencing on diabetic foot ulcer patients in surgical wards, teaching hospital, Jaffna.
10Mr.R.M.NadeeshaImalkaDilangikaRathnayaka. Reg.No: (2011/PHA/033)Mr.S.Thuvaragan Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratinarajaPrevalence and determinants of self medication practice among students in university of Jaffna.


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Ms.A.Sukanthan Reg.No: (2010/PHA/003)Dr.T.S.Navaratinarajah Dr.S.BalakumarDetermination of Quality of Various Brands of Gastric Resistant Aspirin Tablets Available in Pharmacies of Jaffna Municipal Council Area.
2Mr.K.B.Nishannanth Reg.No: (2010/PHA/020)Dr.T.S.Navaratinarajah Mr.Paul DevarajDetermination of chemical stability and degradation products of losartan potassium under different ph stress conditions
3Ms.R.Kamsayini Reg.No: (2010/PHA/021)Dr.T.S.Navaratinarajah Mr.Paul DevarajEffect of Different types of  water on the stability of different reconstructed Amoxicillin oral suspensions available in Jaffna district


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Mr.S.Vaiharthanan Reg.No: (2009/PHA/03)Dr.(Mrs)T.S.Navaratinarajah Dr.(Mr.)S.BalakumarStability of different reconstituted Amoxicillin oral suspensions under home storage temperatures in Jaffna district.
2Mr.A.Joelnaresh  Reg.No: (2009/PHA/004)Dr.(Mrs.) T.S.Navaratinarajah Dr.P.A.DineshCoongheKnowledge and practices of paracetamol usage among adult patients attending outpatient department, Teaching hospital Jaffna.
3Ms.M.Suganya (2009/PHA/05)Dr.(Mrs).T.S.Navaratinarajah Dr.S.BalakumarTetermination of acid neutralizing capacity of Different Antacid formulations available in the pharmacies Jaffna Teaching Municipal Council Area.
4Ms.S.Layanthini (2009/PHA/006)Dr.Mrs.M.G.Sathiadas Dr.R.Surenthirakumaran Dr.Mrs.T.S.NavaratinarajahPattern of pediatric Antibiotic utility and parental knowledge and practice on it at outpatient department, Teaching hospital Jaffna.


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Ms.S.Magilini (2008/PHA/04)Dr.A.Murugananthan  Comparative study of in-vitro anthelminthic activity of three medicinal pants.
2  Mr.S.Telipson (2008/PHA/06)  Dr.S.BalakumarThe factors influencing the stability of Amoxicillin in oral solid dosage preparations during the storage in pharmacies of Jaffna Municipal council.


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1R.F.MariaDineshan (2007/PHA/02).Dr.S.BalakumarA Study on antioxid ant Capacity, Polyphenol and ascorbic acid Content in Ready-to-Serve fruit drinks and nectar


S.NoStudent NameSupervisorsResearch title
1Ms.S.Karthiga Reg.No: (2006/PHA/01)Dr.(Mrs.)T.S.Navaratinarajah Dr.S.BalakumarA study on composition of Extemporaneously prepared Methyl Salicylate ointment dispense at medical clinic dispensary of Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.  
2K. Sivarathy Reg.No:2006/PHA/03  Dr.D.GunarajasinhamGood pharmacy practice in Jaffna municipal area, Sri Lanka
3Ms.M. Tharshika Reg.No: (2006/PHA/04)Dr.(Mrs.)T.S.Navaratinarajah Snr.Prof.(Ms)V. ArasaratnamInfluence of selected factors on self- medication among patients attending the out patients department at teaching hospital, Jaffna.
4Mr.V.Vasanthan  Reg.No: (2006/PHA/05)  Dr.S.Sivansuthan,   Dr.(Mrs).T.S.NavaratnarajahStudy on prescription pattern of anti-diabetic agents and some associated factors in type 2 diabetic patients attending medical clinics at teaching hospital, Jaffna.