Dr. Rasaratnam Karunaithas

Senior Lecturer (Gr II) in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Academic Profile
Admin Roles

Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Technology (Mahidol University, Thailand)
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences (University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka)

Honours and Awards
Partial support by Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University for following Ph.D. 2015- 2016.
Financial assistance from UGC to university teachers for higher studies for following Ph.D. 2016-2020.
University Research Grant -2022 from the University of Jaffna

Membership in Professional Associations
Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist in Sri Lanka Medical Council.
Life Member of Jaffna Science Association.

Intellectual Activities
External reviewer for the Restructured Curriculum of Bachelor of Science Honors in MLS Degree programme, FAHS, Ruhuna University.
Editor/ Undergraduate Research Symposium -2021 of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Jaffna.

Chronology of career
2012 April – 2013 May: Lecturer (Temporary)
2013 June – 2020 April: Lecturer (Probationary)
2020 April – present: Senior Lecturer (G II)

Membership in subcommittees
2021 March – present: Member/ IT, Web and Library committee of FAHS
2021 April – present: Chairperson/ Strategic Planning and Building Committee of FAHS
2021 October – Present: Secretory/ Research and Higher Education Committee of FAHS

Appointments in university
2021 January – present: Member/ Sport Adversary Committee of University of Jaffna
2021 April – present: Secretory / Research and Education Subcommittee, Gender Equality and Equity of University of Jaffna
2022 March- present: Member/Ethics Review Committee of Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna

Journal Articles
Rasaratnam, K., Nantasenamat, C., Phaonakrop, N., Roytrakul, S. & Tanyong, D. 2021. A novel peptide isolated from garlic shows anticancer effect against leukemic cell lines via interaction with Bcl-2 family proteins. Chemical Biology & Drug Design.
Karunaithas, R., Murugananthan, A. and Kannathasan, S. 2012. Prevalence and associated factors of soil transmitted helminthes infestation among preschool children of Vadamaradchi Educational Zone. Vingnanam Journal of Science, 10(1), pp.25–34.
International Conferences
Rasaratnam, K
., Roytrakul, S. & Tanyong, D. 2019. A novel peptide isolated from garlic inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis on leukemic cells. 14th International Symposium of the Protein Society of Thailand, Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok.

National Conferences
Dissanayake, WMW., Sathees, S., Karunaithas R. 2022. Awareness and attitude towards thalassemia among A/L students studying in the Kurunegala Education Zone. Proceedings of the
4th Undergraduate Research Symposium of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Jaffna.

Haematology I and II
Research Methodology
Laboratory Management and Quality Assurance
Medical Laboratory Technology II