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Exam Rules & Regulations


All course units will be evaluated by means of in-course assessments and end-course assessments.

In–Course Assessments

In–course assessments will be in the form of multiple choice questions, structured essay questions, assessment reports, oral presentations, quizzes and spot examinations in practical or laboratory experiments. This will be carried out during the period of teaching of each course unit.

In–course assessments of course units will be carried out at the dates and times determined by the departments offering the course units in consultation with the Course Coordinator and Head. The Head of the Department concerned is responsible for the marks awarded to all components of the in–course assessment of course units offered by the respective department.

The marks scored by a student in various components of the in–course assessment of any course unit will be displayed in the Notice Board by the Head with a copy sent to the Dean.

No student will be allowed to repeat in-course assessment of any course unit. If a student is unable to sit for an in-course assessment for valid reasons he/ she shall inform the Head of the Department concerned in advance or within three days of the said examination. If the reasoning is acceptable to the Head of the department and thecoordinator, another in – course assessment could be conducted on a different date determined by the Head of the Department. However no such opportunity shall be given after the completion of the end of course examination of that particular course unit.

End of Course Examination
End of course examination will be conducted for each course unit at the end of the semester in which the teaching of the course is completed. Students will be given maximum of four attempts in each course unit. Failing students will have to wait for the examination of the subsequent batch to repeat the examination.

Eligibility to sit the examination
The students must appear for the first available examination after completion of the course units. Students will be admitted to the end semester examinations only if they have earned the prescribed credits for the semester. Any student who fails to appear at examination will be deemed to have exhausted the first attempt and assigned the grade of “F” for the missed units unless an appeal made in time is accepted by the Faculty Board and the Senate before confirmation of the result by the senate.

Students who are unable to present themselves for the examination should make an appeal to the Dean well in time or within three days of the examination. Students who fail to appear due to illness must present themselves at the Health Centre of the University and obtain a medical certificate from the University Medical Officer or a GovernmentHospital and submit the medical certificate after approval of the University Medical Officer before the results are released. Other reasons of absence also must be adequately confirmed by appropriate evidence.

The end of course examination will be conducted by the Examination Branch of the University. The date and time of the end of course examination will be decided at the beginning of each semester by the Course Coordinator in consultation with the relevant Heads of the Department and approved by the Faculty and Senate.

Maximum attempts
The students will be allowed to sit maximum 4 attempts in order to pass the course unit.

Period of Candidature
Student should be completed the degree programme within a maximum period of 8 years from the date of registration.

Conduct of the Examination
The Chief Examiner and the list of Examiners of all end of course examination will be approved by the Faculty Board and the Senate.

The Mark sheet comprising of marks scored by the students in the in – course assessment, end of the course examination, overall marks and the overall grade awarded to the students for the particular course unit will be handed over to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine by the Chief examiner.

Requirement to pass a course unit
Candidate should obtain the overall mark of 50% to get a pass for a course unit. Further, to get pass in a course unit the candidate should get at least 40% of marks in theory [essay and MCQ] and for the course units where practical, spot, or institutional training is assessed, the candidate should get at least 50% for this component